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About Me

I believe in the power of travel!​

Traveling gives us the best possible exposure to the outside world. It broadens our horizons, it allows us to learn about other cultures and befriend new people. It lets us immerse ourselves in nature, and lets us get lost in ancient cities. Especially today, it is so incredibly important to have these experiences that open our eyes to the world, so that we can realize that we are all the same. That is why I started this company. 

I grew up in Queens in New York City, and if you can believe it, I didn't travel as a child. My parents didn't have money for 'extras' so our travel was mostly relegated to visiting my Dad's brothers in Florida and California for family functions. My first trip overseas was a family trip to Israel when I was 12, but I didn't travel on my own until college where I studied abroad in Barcelona. After the semester, I backpacked around Europe and I was hooked on traveling ever since. This is definitely how I learned to make the most of my travel budget!


Favorite Destination and Why: Botswana-animals, animals, animals! The diverse landscape is truly magical, as it takes you through the wetlands of the Okavango Delta, the woods and grasslands of Chobe National Park, the salt pans where you feel like you're on Mars, and the sandy savannah of the Kalahari Desert. The people are also incredibly kind and hospitable, and they want to befriend you and learn your story immediately. They are so happy to show you their country and they are grateful that you are there learning about their culture. 


Areas of Specialty: Honeymoons and Romance Travel, Wellness, Adventure, Sustainability Travel, Group Travel, Multi-Generational Trips


My Travel Style Is: I'm normally a 'go-go-go and see everything and as much as possible' kind of traveler. I love to visit all the main attractions during the first few days so that I have time for 'off the beaten path' activities, where I like to meet the locals to learn about their culture. Except of course if I'm on a tropical island in which case you can find me on the beach with a frozen drink in both hands!


Three Fun Facts About Me: I lived in Australia for a year and learned how to surf. (I learned, but that doesn't mean I'm any good.) 


I'm in a Mardi Gras Krewe in New Orleans where I ride on a float and throw beads and toys to the thousands of people cheering us on. It is my favorite day of the year every year and I haven't missed a Mardi Gras in 15 years!


I had a near-death health crisis (which isn't so much of a 'fun' fact) but it made me quit my office job, turn my passion for travel into a career, and I've never been happier or felt more fulfilled!


Bio: I was born and raised in New York City, and eventually ended up back here after Graduate School. I got my 'Travel Bug' from my Grandparents, who would explore the world frequently and always bring back little trinkets for me,which led to daydreaming about seeing these faraway lands myself one day. After a study-abroad semester in Barcelona I was hooked, and haven't been able to stop traveling since then. Some of my favorite adventures involve scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, cliff jumping in Greece, swimming with sharks in Fiji, and cruising along the Amazon River spotting wildlife in the jungle. My most memorable experience abroad was in a tiny town in Hungary, where (through a lot of digging) I found my way to the actual homes where my Great-Great Grandparents grew up before they fled the Nazis.

My Recent Travels

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